Friday, July 31, 2009

What people think of Calypso Hint- It SUCKS! -

Not Recommended - Reviewed by a guest on July 30, 2008

Needs a lot of improvement

When we first arrived to the condo, we showed up early that morning to check in, however, the room was not ready which is understandable. However, we thought maybe the room would be ready in about a few hours. It took them 5 hours to give us a room. Although, when I went back to check on the status of the room, a couple in front of me in line had the same room as us and had just arrived, they gave them a room even though we had been waiting for 3 hours already. So if you plan on arriving early you should have something to do to occupy you for hours. When we did get into the room, we were very disatisfied.

The rooms were carpeted throughout and they were so disgusting we had to call someone to see if they could either move us, or get someone to clean them. When we first got into the room, someone at the front desk said she would schedule a cleaning of the carpet. The next day when we called to verify what time the man would arrive, another lady was very rude and said who authorized this cleaning b/c she knew nothing about it, as if we had talked to the carpet cleaning man ourselves. They have very bad customer service. In the kitchen and the bathroom, the tile looked as if it had never been mopped since they had opened.

Also, the light switches were broken and had exposed wires which is very dangerous for children. Also, there is no jacuzzi at the pool if that is something you enjoy. However, the beach chairs offered were nice. For the price that we paid, we would not recommend this place to anyone. The rooms are in bad shape and the service is horrible.


Not Recommended - Reviewed by Jerry from Dexter, MO on August 14

Needs a cleaning staff

Room was dirty upon arrival, had to wash all sheets, mop floors and wash dishes. Staff was not helpfull.


Not Recommended - Reviewed by a guest on July 12

Needs Improvement

My fiance and I went down for 5 days the week of the 4th of July. When we arrived we asked for a cart to help us with our luggage since our room was on the 5th floor. The attendent quickly said that it was passed time and she couldnt give us the cart in her hand. The elavators were terribly slow. Three days into our trip the air conditioning went out and it was consistently 82 degrees in our room. After the repair man stopped by and said it would be fixed within a few hours, we waited and he never showed. The management seemed not to care at all....We will never stay there again!


Not Recommended - Reviewed by a guest on July 3

Somewhat dissapointing

The resort was very nice. However, the week we were there they were building a tiki bar right in front of the area where you enter the beach. We were in the east tower and had a few nights where the AC did not work. The west tower had much more problems and many of the guest spend days without water or AC.....Not sure what happened but I think the construction crew damaged something....caused alot of people to be extremely upset which is justfied. The resort is very new and clean however the electrical problems and problems with water in some units was totally unacceptable.


Not Recommended Reviewed by a guest on April 9

About the Calypso
Cons: For only being a couple of years old this resort is showing it's age. The carpets in our condo were filty, had trouble with hot water almost every day (called front desk and no one ever came), dogs in resorts (saw two or three and heard them too), elevators and hallways were always littered with food and garbage, windows always dirty with smudges and fingerprints all over. Seldom saw anyone cleaning at all, pool was not cleaned once while we were there and communication was very poor between management and guests.

No signed posted about leaving towels to reserve seats at the pool, saw one lady have a total meltdown because management took everyone's towels and threw them in a big pile on the grass. VERY RUDE!!! After she had her meltdown they posted signs that said "PEOPLE reserve chairs, not towels, if you leave a towel it will be confiscated and put in lost and found". We also had to wait in long lines each morning at 7am to get your two beach chairs by the ocean as there were not nearly enough of the nice wooden ones for guests, if you weren't lucky enough to get one you got two director's type chairs to sit on the beach with. Pros: beautiful views, beach was gorgeous, easily within walking distance to alot of fun and funky restaurants. Nice to have a washer and dryer in condo although it took over an hours to dry a small load so really not that much of a conveinence. Nice parking garage with a walk over traffic to get to the Calypso.

Overall... There are SO MANY other resorts going up in Front Beach Drive next year we're going to look at staying elsewhere you feel like a guest, not an inconvenience!