Saturday, March 28, 2009

Calypso Resort and Towers - Waterstone Resort Realty is a bad neighbor

Waterstone is a Bad Neighbor.

If you use Waterstone to rent out your unit or if there is a Waterstone managed unit in your building you should look at: &

For over a year I have tried dealing with Waterstone over substantial violations of our condo documents and ended up having to file suit in Bay County Court over their misuse of their property when a renter used at least 3 of their 4 owned units at Nautilus Cove Condominium in Panama City Beach to house foreign workers in the Waterstone units, making them in effect a dormitory for hourly workers at the local Marriott Resort.

My complaints to Stephanie Morris, now promoted to Director of Operations at Waterstone Resorts & Vacation Homes, were ignored and I finally had to hire an attorney to file suit.Waterstone is rated as 'Unacceptable' by the Better Business Bureau' for not responding to complaints, mine included.

Take a look at the above blogs for photos and a fuller account of this consumer unfriendly business. If you rent out your condo via Waterstone or if you have a Waterstone condo near you then you will find out just how bad a company this is.

Bill Harris
Panama City Beach, Fla